Anxiety or Surrounded by Assholes? – Day 1 of 20mg Citalopram (Day 14 of Citalopram)

Sometimes I wish I was single. I remember hearing a quote a while ago.. Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self esteem, first make sure that you are not in fact just surrounded by assholes. I only really have my boyfriend in my life (because I’ve pushed everyone else out of it) and... Continue Reading →


Day 9 of 10mg Citalopram

Well yesterday was just horrible. I felt sick with worry and I have no idea what about. It lasted the entire day until I went to sleep that night. Just total dread the entire day, tapping my toes, shaking my leg, drumming my fingers, sighing and couldn’t get comfortable. Not feeling like this today thank... Continue Reading →

Day 8 of 10mg Citalopram

Day 8 of 10mg Citalopram and I’m not feeling great mentally. My boyfriend has been telling me how much better things have been and “how good I’ve been” and now I’ve had 2 bad days in a row and I feel absolutely terrible about it. He will be disappointed that my changing moods are back... Continue Reading →

Day 7 of 10mg Citalopram

I have had a good couple of days but today I’m feeling incredibly unmotivated. My sleep has been fine, no issues with hunger. Feeling like I haven’t been thinking so much about my problems or worrying about everything I possibly can. Got on well with the boyfriend. I have still had some snappy moments but... Continue Reading →

Day 3 of 10mg Citalopram Part 1

The pills can’t be working already, can they? Don’t get me wrong I still woke up with bad feelings today. I did sigh when my partner started flapping about with the curtains after getting ready for work and let the light stream into my eyes, but I rolled over and never spoke a word. He... Continue Reading →

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